Airway Health was born out of the necessity to develop a process to help effectively address and treat dysfunctional breathing. The treatment for dysfunctional breathing is a multi-disciplinary process that requires input from many different practitioners, making it difficult to coordinate the correct course of action for patients


The solution took shape as a screening and assessment tool that offices could implement to understand patients' symptoms more deeply and map out the correct course of action. The tool would also act as a collaborative platform for practitioners to reach out to others in the field for feedback and direction. If required, other practitioners could also become involved in the treatment if their specific expertise and experience were relevant to treating the issues presented.


Swift Racks and Dr. Khan collaborated to conduct extensive research and develop a robust solution that could address the problem presented by:

  • Creating awareness of Myofunctional Therapy as an alternative to the current approach used in orthodontics
  • Educating parents on the different forms of therapy available to their children to increase quality of life
  • Streamlining collaboration between practitioners and patients

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